Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Big Day for PG Parks' 2015 GTK

June 30 is a great day for PG Parks' Get To Know program! We had many artists literally "out in the field" with our fun loving Prince Georges county youth. At playgrounds and community centers throughout our community, we got outdoors together and engaged in creative activities  to reflect their experiences. Reports from our artists team reflect an awesome day for all!
Artist Angela Adrar at Spring Hill ES reports that they "love the mandalas" that were collaboratively created with natural materials from the school grounds.
Poet Sistah Joy shared her experience, "The kids were great" at Templeton ES and she wants to return to take it to the next level with them to write more about nature!
Visual artist Penny Gamble Williams writes "WOW! What a great day, the students and I had at the Bladensberg CC. Going out and observing trees, plants, moss and our crawling and winged relatives was an adventure. The staff are great! Lots of good drawings....raw talent1 Looking forward to the next session!"
 Musician Khari Shelton, on his first day with the program, led a large group of students in hands on instrument making. He has two more workshops with them and we are looking forward to hearing the music that they will create together inspired by nature!
Proud of our good work in support of developing nature loving PG County youth! Onward!